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October 02, 2012


By: Demitria Lyles As the weather is changing, it is of course getting a little chilly out. This means you may not be wearing your cute Lululemon tank while you run outside anymore until the spring. But though it’s cooling down outside, doesn’t mean the sun is on vacation. It’s still extremely important to wear some type of eye protection while you’re running! Why wear sunglasses even when it’s cool? “When the wind begins to whip towards your face and sting your eyes, it can lead to direct dryness to the skin and eyes,” says EyeCare 20/20. Now imagine this if you were running or working out outside. What a pain! Another important thing to keep in mind is that the UV rays from the sun in the colder months seem to be much brighter. Having no protection on your eyes during this season would be the same as laying out on the beach without sunglasses. For those who don’t feel comfortable wearing sunglasses while you run, at least try wearing a baseball cap or another kind of hat to make sure your eye are not being fully exposed to the wrath of rays. Who says that your Fall/Winter sunglasses have to be out of style? You can let your sunglasses be your workout outfit perk up! So this season, make sure you keep your shade next to your workout gear. Protect your specs year round!

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