September 28, 2012


By: Demitria Lyles Fall is such a beautiful season. It's like the middle child between Summer and Winter. And with that, we have to be prepared for the, what seems to be, bi-polar weather. Staying warm in the mornings and evenings is imperative especially during this season. Cool mornings and semi warm days, then back to cool days can be a challenge when we are trying to figure what to wear! Layers are the way to go when working out in this type of whether. If you are thinking that you will feel that same warm front that you felt when you first started your evening jog, you've been fooled. Now by layers, I don't mean wear your Northface fleece and leg warmers as it probably won't get that serious until late October or November depending on where you live. One way to ensure that you are making the right decision when finding something to wear is checking the hourly weather before you head out for your jog. Start out with wearing a tank top and wrapping a long sleeve shirt around your waist before leaving the house. This is a great thing to do because you'll be hands-free but will still have that back-up just in case the temperature begins to drop as you're cooling down. Make your workout as comfortable as possible for your body!

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