No Matter What

September 24, 2012


Thank you to one of our BGR! Hampton Roads members for this... No matter what your reason is for joining the Black Girls RUN! Movement, here are the Top 10 reasons why you should start being active with BGR! TODAY. Reason #1: We don't bite! Lol...just a bunch of black women getting together?!? Oh lawd, that's gonna be drama. No ma'am! You'll never find a more positive group of women to encourage and motivate each other.
Reason #2:We have cute clothes. Where else can a grown woman still go out in public wearing a tutu and get compliments? Reason #3:Running with a partner makes the journey better than the destination Reason #4: Gym memberships are expensive. Each of our BGR local areas have some of the best weather and scenic areas for running. Get out and enjoy it! Reason #5: Ease on down the road... One foot in front of the other. NONE of us started out as runners. We don't expect you to either. We even have programs like C25k (couch to 5k) that can start you slowly and get you to your goal. Reason #6: Teamwork. Yea, we are some busy women: work, kids, husbands and you can't fit it in. Well, with 40k members nationwide, I'm sure somebody is on your same schedule. Just ask. Reason #7:The bling. Races are good motivators cause we continue to work towards it. Whenever money is involved (they aren't free) we tend to wanna reap some benefits so even when we are tired we go do a lil something. Who am I kidding?!! We jus love the medals. Reason #8: Once you start, you can't stop. This is one of the heathiest addictions you'll ever have. Reason #9: Gurl you gonna look good when we are through with you! Face it, it's exercise. Your bound to lose a pound or two or tone the sexiness you are already working with. Reason #10: It's fun.

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