Motions Haircare

September 11, 2012


By: Demitria Lyles   We’re women and we LOVE our hair. There’s surely not one day that we wake up and not think about it. Sometimes it can be a struggle for those with busy schedules, but Motions hair products make it a lot easier to manage your luscious locks. Whether you’re rocking the natural fro or keeping pressed out, there’s a Motions product for you. It’s extremely important to keep up with your hair as there are natural oils that our scalp produces and of course, icky things in the environment. When thinking of new products to use on your hair, consider Motions Moisturizing Cleanser. It’s packed with the nutrients that your hair needs to grow and not dry out. Now shampoo is not enough to keep your hair in tip-top shape. A good conditioner will always do the trick and with Motions Deep Conditioning Masque your roots will be penetrated for the right moisture restoration. Ladies with any hair type are encouraged to use a moisturizing lotion or scalp conditioner every so often just to make sure your hair isn’t drying out. Now of course there may be a day that you’re rushing and it seems like you will never leave the house. You may not have time to touch up your hair with a curling iron and just can’t seem to find the right hat. Well don’t fret! Why not try a ponytail? A low bun, high bun, or normal ponytail can be your saving grace. Just pull your hair up and use the Motions Light Styling Foam to touch up those edges and for a sleek look. Motions has something for all of us! Long or short hair. Relaxed or Au Natural! Be sure to pack your favorite Motions product(s) with you this weekend for the Drive to End Hunger Race!

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