Fuel Up With Coke

September 10, 2012


By: Demitria Lyles For over 100 years, Coca-Cola has offered superb products that we enjoy (whether we know it or not) just about everyday. From starting off selling bottles of Coca-Cola for 5 cents a pop to teaming up with us, YES, BGR! for the Drive to End Hunger Race, Coca-Cola continues to be the world’s most global brand. Staying hydrated is the key to running, walking, cycling, and any other activity that you may engage in. As you’re packing your athletic bag, don’t forget your favorite drink that keeps you moving! Coca-Cola offers you quite a few choices when considering an on-the-go beverage. Powerade, Dasani Water, and Glaceau Vitamin Water are just a few. Powerade is packed with flavor and studies show that it really does help you stay energized. Dasani Water is an excellent choice when you’re looking to down a few gulps of fuel to help replenish the fluids you’re sweating out. Glaceau Vitamin Water offers you a smidge a flavor without the artificial ingredients and sodium that can slow you down. The Drive to End hunger Race is literally right around the corner and we are ever so grateful to have Coca-Cola be a proud sponsor. We encourage you to fuel up for the Drive to End Hunger Race this weekend, September 16 with a nice bottle of Dasani, Powerade, or Glaceau Vitamin Water! See you then!  

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