National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

September 05, 2012


By: Demitria Lyles It's September and it's National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month! Back in the day there weren't many things to do inside. If mom said, "You're grounded!" the first thing that came to mind was no play-time outside. "Eat your veggies" we're the words we dreaded at the dinner table. No high-tech video games, cell phones, and Facebook hadn't even been thought of. For entertainment, we would engage in activities like after school activities like cheerleading, softball, basketball, track, etc. Even if after-school activities weren't the favorite things to do, going outside to ride your bike or explore things in the neighborhood seemed like a no-brainer. All of those things involved staying active, eating healthy, and certainly helped prevent childhood obesity. Nowadays, there are so many things that keep children from going outside and playing until the street lights come on. Eating healthy becomes harder and harder with cheap deals and those gravitating commercials on TV. Let's take a stand on childhood obesity. Not only for the month of September, but from now on, encourage our young people to get up and get active. Invite your tween or teen to your local BGR run. Encourage your son or nephew to take up ultimate frisbee or skateboarding instead of twiddling his thumbs on a PS3 controller. Find great meals that have great nutritional value and encourage your children to help you out in the kitchen sometimes. You can never go wrong with establishing healthy lifestyles in your children.

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