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September 04, 2012


By: Demitria Lyles So you’re running your tri-weekly mile and you’re feeling great! You’re only about 10 minutes in and it’s time to get a quick, hydrating recharge from your water bottle that you’ve always lugged around. There’s got to be something better, right? Exactly! REI offers an amazing product that helps you stay hydrated hands-free! The Nathan Intensity Vest is built especially for us! Yes, female runners! This 70 oz. vest has the Propulsion Harness, which moves in harmony with your shoulder and upper-back movements. Not only does it feature a women-specific torso length strap, but it has pockets to store goodies like keys, cash, or your ID. So basically, this  vest is your carry-all for running! If you have already jumped on the bandwagon of hydration vest users, why not give your running buddy a great gift. Whether it be your spouse, guy friend, or dad, the Nathan HPL 020 Race Hydration Vest can be a hydration jet pack for anyone. Having to carry too many things like your water bottle, keys, and other necessities just puts a lot of focus and extra energy that you should be saving for your run. Let REI help you out and take a look for yourself what the Hydration Vest has to offer.

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