I <3 Black Girls RUN! because ___________.

August 22, 2012


"I love Black Girls RUN! because it has changed my life!" "I love BGR! because it encourages me to stay active." "I love BGR! because it holds me accountable." Does this sound like you? Has Black Girls RUN! made a difference in your life? Well Black Girls RUN! wants to hear from you as to how BGR! has impacted you. We want to see and hear your VIDEOS AND PHOTOS as to why you love BGR! If you are interested, please submit a 15 second video and/or 1-2 photos (group or individual) to media@blackgirlsrun.com by Monday, August 27. You can simply take a smart phone video and send to us as well. On the video, please answer one of the following questions: - Why/what do you love Black Girls RUN!? - What is one word that describes Black Girls RUN!? - Why do you think Black Girls RUN! is important to have in the African-American female community? - How has your Ambassador helped you on your BGR! journey? In your email, please submit a downloadable video link to us by using yousendit.com, and specify which question you are answering, or send us the file from your phone. Please do not submit content as text in an email. You can submit more than one video for each question. All submissions need to be received by Monday, August 27 at 9 PM EST. With your submission, please include your full name and BGR! group. Any questions, please email jayell.vaughn@blackgirlsrun.com. We look forward to hearing from you!  

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