Bag Lady?

August 08, 2012


By: Demitria Lyles   As ladies we are prone to be seen walking around with a bag or two....or three with all of our daily “necessities.” Necessities include, but of course NEVER limited to the wallet, lotion, lipstick, vitamins, and sometimes our own lunch for work. Let’s not forget our bag for working out and the plastic bag we use for our sweaty clothes afterwards. Having two or more bags to carry around without in and out of the work building, the gym, or the car can be quite a pain sometimes a strain on your arms and shoulders. Have you considered getting a carry-all or even consolidating when you know you have to get your run in? It’s all about working smarter! Now “carry-all” sounds like a dangerous phrase:
  1. How can you really carry ALL of your things in one bag?
  2. How cute and trendy can a carry-all be?
Don’t fret about any of these! A carry-all is a bag that carries your necessities and doesn’t add the extra stress and disorganization that we know we don’t need. Now, you don’t necessarily need to go out and buy a carry-all, because you can make your own right in your closet by consolidating your things into a big bag in the back of the closet.
  1. Your lunch should be the first thing in the bag because sometimes it is much easier to set things on top of it as opposed to having it balance on your clothes and possibly leak.
  2. Start by packing light in your purse. (And by light, we mean ONLY the necessities). A light purse can cause for a smaller purse that can be put in a larger bag.
  3. As far as your workout clothes go, the first thing you should pack is a plastic bag for your after-sweat. This can be an old grocery bag.
  4. Instead of just throwing your clothes in, try rolling them up into one another and sliding them on the side of your bag.
We know all of you ladies have a great sense of style so finding a trendy bag is not hard to find whether you have one in your closet or you go out and purchase one. No matter what you do, always make sure your bag is comfortable on your shoulder.

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