Moms on the Run

August 07, 2012


By: Shaila Strayhorn I have met my fair share of beautiful, strong, black women. Also if given the opportunity to meet any of our bloggers, I am sure they would also fit in this categoryJ. However, I have recently come to observation that many of these amazing women, who inspire me, are also mothers. Why have these women been placed within my particular category of being a beautiful, strong, black woman? It is not only because these women have managed to undertake the world’s most challenging task of being a mother with an above average amount of grace, courage, and poise. Nor is it due to the fact that these women choose to wear a diverse amount of hats which includes nurturer, counselor, cook, teacher, etc. Don’t get me wrong, the tasks mentioned above are truly significant. However, the women that I have interacted with fit within this category due to the fact that these women understand the importance of taking time out to cater to their own physical health needs. These women understand that their strength and courage are needed by their families. As a result in order to ensure that they will continue to remain to be this source of strength and courage for both their family members and themselves, they have to make sure that their spiritual, mental, and physical health is in check. So to all mothers out there, this is a special note of appreciation just for you. I realize that it is not Mother’s Day, but it is my personal belief that appreciation should be shown every day. So whether you are someone’s biological mother, spiritual mother, grandmother, god-mother, step mother, or you feel the roll of being someone’s mother in some way; from the bottom of my heart I thank you for taking the time out to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You do not realize how contagious your actions are. Every jog around the park, every trip to the gym, every trip to the doctor’s office, and every fruit and vegetable that you eat only further exemplifies the beautiful, strong, black woman that you are. God Bless You  

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