Modification Situation

August 06, 2012


By: Demitria Lyles Surely you know that the 2012 Olympics in London are going on. With all of the excitement and gold medals our American athletes will be bringing home soon, what could be better motivation to get out and get fit? Now, of course, training like an Olympic gold medalist may not be on the radar at the moment and that is why modifications are always options when it comes to working out. Even athletes modify exercises. Modifying is not a ticket home or a way to cheat yourself out of getting your full workout. It is simply a way to put less stress or tension to muscles and tendons that have low tolerance. One way to modify an well-known exercise: the push-up, is to assume the normal push-up position, but instead of keeping your legs extended behind you, bend your knees bring your shoulders in parallel to your ribs.         Of course if you are in training or taking an aerobics class, it is always a good idea to inform your trainer or instructor of any injuries or if certain exercises adds extra, uncomfortable stress on any part of your body. It is very likely that you may be doing something wrong. Don’t ever feel like you have to add strain or over extend yourself.

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