Protection Perfection

August 03, 2012


Finding the right sports bra is extremely important for women who are active. Whether it’s running, walking, or riding a bike, the right sports bra is the best way to ensure your special tissue has great protection. Just like we don’t run in our work heels or our best pearls, we should not run in our regular bras as they do not provide full protection for the breast tissue.

“Without proper support, your breasts may eventually start to sag and stretch, which can cause discomfort while you're exercising,” says Diana Rodriguez of Everyday Health. Having the right bra on while you’re working out can protect you from chafing, discomfort while sweating, and keeps everything in place without making you feel too confined.

When choosing a sports bra consider the following:

  • Complete breast coverage
No side boobs allowed.
  • Fit of the cups
We don’t want anything spilling over as this adds extra stress and pressure.
  • Support
Enough support and lift prevents stress and keeps everything in place.
  • And of course, comfort
Now just because protecting your ta-tas is important, doesn’t mean your sports bra can’t be stylish! Sports bras from Nike, Adidas, and Lululemon Athletica never seem to disappoint when it comes to protecting in style.

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