Know Your Numbers

July 31, 2012


By: JayEll Vaughn (@CurlzNPumpz/@BlackGirlsRun) When the doctor asked me, what is your diet/exercise regiment? I replied "I work out 3-4 days a week with hard cardio, diet is okay, and I feel great!"  Well my blood pressure numbers did not reflect this. On Monday, my blood pressure was 148/98. I automatically attributed it to the anxiety of being in a doctor's office to kick off my work week and no food in my belly. Not so worried, right? Well, later that day my oral surgeon happened to take my blood pressure during a consultation meeting (mind you, its 3 p.m. later in the day), and my blood pressure reading was 146/109. Hmmmm, why are my numbers still so high? So, in the back of my mind, I was a bit worried. Never had my blood pressure been so high in my life. So, I said I would monitor it for the next few days before checking in with my primary care physician. On Wednesday, I went to the local pharmacy to check my numbers at their portable machine. YIKES! 166/112! I think my heart stopped! I immediately made an appointment with my primary care physician the following day because now I was a bit scared as to why my numbers were so high. So after this small nightmare, I know I need to KNOW MY NUMBERS. Yes, I am just 25 years old, but you are never too young to be conscious of your health. My doctor said, "No, you may not feel the effects now of having high bp, but in 10 years its going to be harder on your body, and harder for you to bounce back." According to the American Heart Association: The doctor has given me a month to get on a healthy diet and exercise regiment. He says I am supposed to be lean!! I have to lose some weight! So, on August 28th I will update you on my progress! 10 lbs is my goal this month. To learn more about Understanding your Numbers, click here. P.S. Falling in love sucks! Trying to preserve the sexy, JayEll

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