New Shoes, New Threads

July 18, 2012


By: Ashley Hicks (@amhicks01) As a runner, I’ve always been fiercely loyal to my shoes. My running shoes are like my side kick, my homies, my bff, my ace boon coon. We’ve put in some miles together – you get the point. But, since about December, I’ve had problems with my shins, which lead to knee and hip pain. These problems were exacerbated by the five half marathons I ran this spring in addition to the new stress of training for my second marathon – Chicago in October. By March, I started to question if my shoes were part of the problem. Luckily, this past spring I had the opportunity to meet the Brooks team at the REI store in SOHO. The team asked me if I wanted to get a gait analysis. Since I started running in 2006, I’ve only had my gait analyzed once. No one ever told me I needed to make this a routine. Reluctantly, I stepped on the treadmill and let the team analyze how I run. The analysis was a bit eye opening. The video showed that I was no longer a neutral runner, and was now overpronating, or turning my feet inside while running. The expert’s recommended a shoe that would provide mild support for the overpronation and recommended the Ravenna 2. So far running in the Ravenna 2 has been AMAZING! My shin splints and knee pain are gone. I also like the amount of cushioning the shoes provide. My only hope is that Brooks will start making the shoe in pink (fingers crossed) so I can coordinate (in my John Witherspoon voice) with my pink and black BGR! outfits. In addition to shoes, I’m sporting some new workout clothes for the summer. In case you didn’t know, I’ve come a long way from the horrible attire and rotten cotton I used to rock back in the day. Here are my faves: Brooks Infiniti Short Tight  - These are the types of shorts that will change your life! I used to be a bit shy about wearing shorts, but it too damn hot for that! The good thing about these shorts is that they have silicone grippers at leg openings, which prevent them from riding up. If you are thick in the thighs like me, I absolutely recommend these shorts as an alternative to your typical running shorts. Women’s Versatile EZ Racer Back– This shirts is really light and soft. I’m also becoming a bigger fan of the racer back cuts Nike Tempo Shorts – When I’m not wearing my Brooks short tights, I’m running in my tempo shorts. I picked up a couple of pairs at the Macy’s one day sale. If you didn’t know, that sale is a good luck for picking up running attire. I scored the shorts for about $15 each.

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