Stretch It Out

July 17, 2012


By: Demitria Lyles Working out is something that we know we have to do in order to preserve the sexy. Sometimes it’s one of those, “Wow, I can’t wait to hit the gym/take a jog” and sometimes it’s one of those “I mean… I really HAVE to?” kind of days. Eager to workout or eager to just get it out of the way, it’s likely that you may forget to stretch. We have all had those mornings when we wake up saying “Ouch!” due to soreness from a workout the previous day stretching is extremely important when it comes to pre-exercise and post-exercise. It increases flexibility, gets your blood flowing to your muscles, and more importantly, it helps reduce the risk of injuries. Now don’t get stretching out confused with warming up. It’s best if you warm up a tad before you stretch out. Stretching after an exercise is just as important as stretching before an exercise. If you forget to stretch out before a workout, don’t worry too much. Stretching after a workout can give you great benefits also. So not so fast, ladies! Take the time out to stretch those muscles before and after your workout. It can only help you and surely your body will appreciate it. Just think about an “ouchless” morning and making yourself a tad more flexible.

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