Co-op with REI

July 10, 2012


REI isn’t your typical outdoor equipment and clothing store. With so many questions and concerns arising about our environment in different communities, REI makes issues easy to understand and, in most cases, fix through the REI co-op. The REI co-op means that they are not publicly traded. This program encourages active participation outdoors in communities by providing outdoor classes, volunteer opportunities, and providing grants to nonprofit organizations. Because REI is a co-op, they are able to support local and national organizations that help restore and protect open spaces through grants and product donation. In 2010, REI awarded $3.7 million in grants through nonprofits partnerships. In addition to donations and grants REI also leads by example by being as sustainable as possible in their 11 stores across the United States. From lowering environmental impacts of commuting and corporate travel to implementing new processes to consolidate ordering and shipping processes, REI takes pride in making our environment a better place. In addition to donations and grants, REI uses its volunteer programs for thousands of service projects including (but not limited to) trail building and beach clean-ups. So take environmental issues and activities in your community by the reigns and volunteer with REI by visiting to become a member. “Once a member, always a member” is a simple way to say that REI provides lifetime memberships with lifetime benefits.

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