It truly is a MOVEment!

July 03, 2012


Today I celebrate a year's journey!!! 4/18/2011, I made a decision to change my life for the better.  One year ago today, was the day that I decided to lose weight.  Many people ask why I made the change.  It took me 3 months to really figure it out.   January 2011, my doctor recommended I lose 90 lbs.  What I found out a year later that was an arbitrary number. He just wanted me to get moving.  My question to him was WHY?  I was not at risk for diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems, or having any health problems.  All my numbers were in the normal range.  So, I asked him again, WHY?  He then stated, he didn't want those things to happen and I should make the effort in advance.  Well, I left the doctor’s office and didn’t think much of his request.  I worked out, not on a consistent basis, but for the most part a couple of times a week. In April, I made a decision, to see how much of these 90 lbs I could lose. And my journey begins… On 4/17/2011, I outlined a plan.  I had often times went to the gym 3 days a week.  I then incorporated walking 3 days a week; which meant I was going to work out 6 days a week.  My doctor gave me a formula for calculating how many calories I should eat to lose weight, so I lowered my daily calorie intake and started journaling everything I put in my mouth.  It amazed me that I was eating over 2000 calories a day. Believe me it’s quite easy to do.  I knew that if I was going to be successful at this, I couldn’t use what I call gimmicks (boot camps, special diets).  I’m not saying anything is wrong with those things, but when you’ve paid your money and they’re over, what will you do to continue losing or maintaining the weight loss. I also had friends along the way to help push me to where I am now.  I truly appreciated Tanikus Farmer getting out on the pavement with me at Baptist in the beginning.  Then for months Nitisha Clark being by my side…We did Baptist and The Big Dam Bridge, faithfully…  Girl, you were a big part of my motivation and pushing me to keep going.  I then heard encouraging words from Pam Norman at the gym.  She introduced me to a wonderful group of ladies, *BGR! Little Rock*.  Once I joined their group, I picked up my running partner, Nanci J Armstrong and a group of motivating and encouraging women who all have the same goal in life, a healthier lifestyle.  Thanks to LaTina Washington who was my first Saturday running partner with BGR! Little Rock when we tackled the 20 degrees temperature running at my snail pace of 15 min mile.  My friends/co-workers Janet Overton for being my sounding block opposed to me turning to food and Wyndolyn Adams and my adoptive children for being at the finish line of my first official race.  I’ve also gained a ton of support from my FB Family and Friends.  When I begin running, when you like my Nike + GPS status or make a comment it cheers me on, which motivates me to keep pushing on because of your encouragement.  And of course my wonderful daughter, Mom, Brothers, Sisters, and loving close friends (RaShunda Bowers, Charese Harris, Denise Toombs, Shonda Stroud, and Jennifer Cerutti). Today, I’ve lost 78 pounds!!!  LOL, if you are close to me, you may have heard me say 80 lbs.  That means I’ve gained a couple of pounds.  It happens in our journey for a healthier lifestyle.  When I gain weight, I don’t get discourage I move forward and continue doing what I’ve been doing.  Also, I haven’t eliminated anything from my diet, diet meaning food.  I eat whatever I want but in moderation and within my calories.  I use a web tool/iPhone app call to track my daily calories.  And if you are my friend on the tool, I openly disclose what I eat.  This holds me accountable that if I begin veering off the road, you can shake some sense into me.   So, today I’m celebrating my weight loss. My goal is still 90 lbs.  I’m pushing forward to that goal and those 12 lbs are so close I can see them a size a way in my clothes.  (SMILE)  I ask that you continue to pray, encourage and support me.  Your kind words and likes, give me the push to continue.  I hope by sharing my journey it will motivate you.  It only takes one step and one small change to a healthier lifestyle.  And guess what; I will be there to cheer you on too!!! Love, Niccole

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