My Top 10 Summer Workout Playlist

July 02, 2012


By: Helen Ogbara Music can really take you *there* when you’re pushing through a workout. The rhythm, the build, the bass- everything can really work together to take you to new heights! Also, studies show that people who work out to music burn more calories on average than those who don’t. The pacing of the song, measured in beats per minute (BPM) can also enhance your workout. Here’s my cardio playlist (from a slow start to a big tough finish) for a great 35-minute run/bike: 1. *Philadelphia Morning (Rocky 30th Anniversary Edition) 2:22* [Slow warm up] 2. *Going the Distance (Rocky 30th Anniversary Edition) 2:39* [Slow but building] 3. *I Wanna Go (Britney Spears) 3:30* [All warmed up and starting to push] 4. *Evacuate the Dancefloor (Cascada) 3:27* [Pushing!] 5. *Part of Me (Katy Perry) 3:35* [Pushing!] 6. *Blow (Ke$sha) 3:40* [Feeling the burn!] 7. *The Edge of Glory (Lady Gaga) 5:20* [Feeling the burn!] 8. *Where Have You Been (Rihanna) 4:02* [This is IT!! Burn it out!] 9. *Dancing on My Own (Robyn) 4:46* [Slowing down] 10. *I Was Here (Beyonce) 3:59* [Cool down - You did it!] You can also check out Self Magazine’s favorite playlists for more ideas! **** So what’s on your workout playlist? **** Happy cardio!  

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