Feature Blog Fridays: Girl on the Move

June 29, 2012


By Stephanie Kotei (@fitnessbykingk) Being a girl on the go requires  aspiration, determination &organization. Many women in college have the tough job of balancing money, school, &relationships with minimal resources to do it all.. Tips: First,  know yourself & your budget. Many of us have not fully mastered budgeting & that results in a Sistah having a 300 dollar Mongolian hair doo on her head, and no food in the fridge. Your health physically deals a LOT with what you eat & will impact your ability to focus &thrive  in school or at work. Watch what you put in your body as much as what you put on it! Secondly, Scheduling details of your day will save you the headache & heartache of missed deadlines&cramming, which impacts your mental health as well as productivity. *Weekly, list what you have to do,deadlines & how you are going to insure down time R&R. Schedule naps, workouts & if everything is done turn off all electronics & sleep! Thirdly, multitask, multitask multitask. Flash cards on the treadmill, walks with your special someone, cooking all your meals for the week with roommates are ways of killing multiple birds with one stone. You don't have to give up a healthy lifestyle in an attempt to spend time with those close to you or remain social. The best thing you can do for someone besides pray for them is to get them active! My FAVORITE way to spend time with my friends is to get on the treadmill & catchup on whats going on with them. Time flies by & calories do too! Ultimately, being a college diva on a dime requires preparation & prioritization. Invest in your health & balance your school/ social life with careful planning & dedication. Your physical, mental, emotional &spiritual well being all relies on BALANCE! Good luck to all the ambitious girls! --------------------------- Stephanie is a great supported of BGR! and lives in North Florida. She has been running her entire life, and running has become a true passion in the last four years.

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