Switch it UP!

June 26, 2012


....And, Make Your Workout FUN! By: Jordan Muse Working out doesn’t have to be unpleasant. I don’t know where that notion came from, but it needs to be eliminated…now. Working out shouldn’t be super easy, let’s establish that from the start. Yes, of course, no pain no gain (I love that quote), but you don’t have to dread your upcoming sweat fest, I mean it’s a festival we’re talking about! Have fun! Let me use myself as a prime example: I enjoy sports a whole heck of a lot. So when I’m not in the mood to workout with weights, bands, machines etc I simply switch it up on myself. I’ll go to a basketball court, for instance, shoot around, run full court, jump to make lay ups and mentally slam dunk. For added fun I’ll throw in a few suicides, agility drills, plyo jumps and of course ab work. It’ll be about an hour, but a quick hour and a full, fun workout. I’m not an aqua gal, so swimming, crew, water polo etc are all out, but swimming is truly a great way to exercise and great on the joints. What I do want to try is a pole dance fitness class.  I’m soooooo sure I’d enjoy this probably more than I should, but sources say it’s a great, fun way to work out your whole body! I love running, more like jogging, but every once & awhile I am not in the mood, but I still want to exercise in fresh air and most importantly, have good cardio session. Those days I’ll do hill/steps circuit. Walk up some hills, lunge up hills, squat up these same hills. For the stairs I challenge myself to do ten-fifteen sets up and down without stopping, lateral lunge up the stairs, do push-ups with my legs on one or 2 of the steps etc. I just switch up the workout so it’s still intense, but it’s enjoyable and different. Go out, play a pickup game of basketball, football, lacrosse, field hockey. Remember double dutch, hopscotch, king ball?…engage in a throwback hour of childhood games. It doesn’t have to be so scheduled and precise every time. Don’t get yourself frustrated and bored.  HAVE FUN! And um ladies…on the low just between us go on and dance around the house (even while cleaning.) Call your girls over, turn on your favorite jams…and just do it for 15-20 minutes straight. Make up a routine, battle each other, throw in some “splits”, bouncing and attitude–whatever. Now that is a fun, easy, full of laughter workout….trust me. --------------------------------------- Jordan Muse is a new member of BGR! Philadelphia. She currently owns The Tenth Muse: Fitness Plus, working independently as a personal trainer and blogger focusing on fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness.

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