Beginning of Summer

Its time to put up the boots, sweaters, and sweatpants and bring out your tank tops, shorts, and sandals! It’s the beginning of summer, the warmest season of the year. During the summer, there are so many things to get involved in outdoors. Swimming and tanning are favorites, but what about something different that will the whole family involved? This summer, REI, one of the nations top retailer for outdoor gear, is encouraging families to get involved outdoors by participating in activities such as hiking, camping, and visiting nature centers. With video games becoming more popular and work being so demanding, families often lose touch with nature. According to the National Wildlife Federation, only 25% of children play outside daily. Get involved with the Family Adventure Program by finding a local nature and biking trails around your town with the help of REI. You can find ways to learn more about nature, take hiking and biking classes, find a new family-walking route, and most of all enjoy the summer in a new and exciting way! There’s so much sun to soak up, so much fun to have with your family, and so many great things to do outside. Nature never forgets about us by providing shade for those hot summer days, so why should we forget about it?



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