1370 Miles

June 18, 2012


MEET CHANTAY WILEY. I'm 51 years old. I joined the BGR group in Dec, 2011. I was invited into the group by a good friend. After joining the group I started getting up on Saturday and Sunday mornings and running to Lloyd Hall just to see how true this group was, because as long as I had been running on the Drive the only African American I saw was me and that is the truth!!! I never ran on Saturday's. In January when the run challenge was posted I decided to take it on. So instead of running 4 days a week I ran 6 days a week. I began to add more miles, doing half marathons all by myself. I ran in the winter time (snow, ice, rain), nothing would stop me from getting my run in. I never ran outside during the winter months before joining this group, winter was the time I used my gym membership, which I no longer have. Then, I realized that I was running between 200 to 300 miles a month. I reached the 600 mile marker within 3 months. That was when I decided to see if I could finish the challenge before June. I finished the 1212/2012 challenge on May 19, 2012. With all the posts and cheers I received from my BGR sisters it kept me going, so here I am all done the 1212 challenge in 2012. I am still running but I only run between 7 to 8 miles 6 days a week. I am not officially registered in the challenge, because this was something I had to do for me and no one else. I still get a since of joy just thinking about all the miles I have ran so far this year, as of today I have put in 1370 miles. Chantay Wiley is a member of BGR! Philadelphia.

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