Black Girls RUN! chats with The Single Mom Next Door

June 14, 2012


We know it’s a challenge to balance to a job, raise children, and at the same time make sure you stay conscious of what you put into your hard working bodies! You are not alone! BGR caught up with full-time mom and career woman Tania Boughton, the author of Eating Light, Done Right, a cookbook implementing healthy eats for the moms doing it on their own. BGR: What inspired you to write Eating Light, Done Right? Tania: I was once an emotional eater and I just wanted to help women out. BGR: Between juggling your career, raising your sons, and all of your other endeavors, how do you manage to make time for yourself and what do you do? Tania: My entire life is on a schedule. I have sports to attend for my boys 5 nights a week so I try to do a morning workout and every two weeks I get a pedicure. BGR: What is your absolute favorite meal to cook? Tania: I don’t really make dishes. I would say my favorite thing to make is breakfast and dinner. Breakfast really gets the boys’ days started. BGR: What words of advice would you give single moms who are heavily involved in their child’s life, managing a career, and having to come home and cook? Tania: I would definitely say preparation is key. Make that trip to the grocery store on Saturday to make sure you’re prepared for the week. BGR: If there were more hours in a day, how you spend them? Tania: Sleeping. BGR: On a busy day, what keeps you going? Tania: Working out gets me jump started and a healthy snack also keeps me going. BGR: What’s the most stressful time of your day? Tania: 7:40am, when the boys have to get up and get ready for school! I have to make sure they have packed everything. “Did you get this? What about that?” BGR: What’s your go-to snack to grab when you’re rushing out of the house? Tania: I always have cottage cheese cups with 100-200 calories in it depending on the fruit it has. It’s a great source of protein! BGR: Many people feel pressured by having a busy, stressful schedule and often resort to unhealthy foods. How do you continue to eat healthy with all of the things you have going on and at the same time, instill that in your children? Tania: Again, preparation. I just try to make good decisions and have them come to the market with me. Yes, Poptarts are easy, but you are what you eat. The boys only eat Cheerios twice a week. Setting a good example is important. BGR: What is your favorite exercise to do? Tania: I’m a cross-trainer, so I do a half hour of cardio and about 15 to 20 minutes of weights. BGR: What are your thoughts on the current obesity trends? Tania: It’s frustrating because it’s targeted toward children. It’s really hard to watch how people turn to food and especially drive-thru food. I just wish people would think about what they are putting into their bodies. BGR: How do you feel about black women cooking “soul food”, which, in most cases can be unhealthier versus the food that people not of color cook? Tania: I was raised in Louisiana. I love soul food, but you can moderate. Eat lean for 6 days out of the week, and on Sunday stick to family to tradition. BGR: What encourages you to eat healthy? Tania: As the boys get older, they require a lot of energy and I have to stay here for a long time to help them and see them grow into gentlemen. When you think you have ran out of healthy things to make for dinner after a long day and want to stop by and get the kids a “Number 5, please!” from McDonalds, don’t! Think if you have prepared yourself for the week. There is always a healthier alternative and if you need help, be sure to purchase Tania’s book, Eating, Light Done Right. Black Girls RUN! would like to thank Tania for the opportunity to chat about life, living, cooking, and family. Continue to 'Preserve the Sexy!'

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