Who says cute and sweaty don't go together?

June 12, 2012


By: JayEll Vaughn (@BlackGirlsRUN/ @CurlzNPumpz) I am always looking for hip, new gear and trinkets to sport while working out. Wildskins Armwarmers are wild, fun functional arm warmers for the runner, tennis player, golfer, gardener, cyclist or hiker. They are designed to keep you the right temperature during workout. So, I tried a pair out! Putting them on was easy, and the fabric was comfortable from the hand up to my upper arm. There is also a handy pocket to store a key, id, or credit card during your run. The best thing about it is that it does offer the finger hole and coverage over the hand for the colder months. Now, I do not know how I would feel about wearing these in the warmer months, but these would be perfect for warmth during the winter season. Since I tried them out in 80 degree weather, I did feel my arms were a little bit warmer than usual, but they did come in handy for wiping my forehead and face. I would give the armwarmers a B. They come in cute colors and designs, and just add fun to your run! I happened to catch a few eyes looking while out on my run last week. For more information or to order your Wildskin, visit Wildskins Armwarmers.

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