Tuning Up Your Workout

June 07, 2012


By: Demitria Lyles Sometimes working out seems more like a dreadful job, rather than a “just for fun” hobby. Deep down we know we have to do it and afterwards, we’ll feel great! Music certainly helps the process of working out a lot easier. How so? Everyone has their preference when it comes to the music they listen to during a workout. Some like genres like Metal, Pop, Old School R&B, Rap, or even Classical music. Have you ever been listening to an upbeat song during your run and just got a great burst of energy? According to 3fatchicks.com, music not only serves as entertainment during a workout, but it also helps your breathing. Depending on your preferred genre of music and your pace, music can help speed up your breathing with an increased heart rate, help you stay at certain pace, or slow you up when you’re ready for a cool-down. No matter how hard you’re working, it’s always a good idea to pace yourself and control your breathing even it means with the aid of music. Never let your breathing control you! What’s your go-to song? Create a playlist with your favorite warm up, keep up, and cool down tunes. Find a beat and breathe with it.

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