Feature Blog Fridays: Confessions of a Product Junkie

June 01, 2012


By: Andrea Smith (@Andreasmi1922) I started this running journey two months ago and I have amassed more gear than days of the week that I go running.   I confess, I am a product junkie!  If I see a cute running outfit online, in a store, or on one of my friends I eventually end up purchasing it. I happened to be in the mall and wanted to gauge the price of a pair of sneakers for my mother and the sales person at Foot Locker must have spotted me coming from a mile away, because an hour later I walked out of that store with a pair of sneakers for my mom and my 3rd pair of sneakers. I have not worn those sneakers yet. Who is a product junkie? A product junkie is a person who enjoys the rush of getting something new to support their new passion but doesn’t necessarily need it or will barely use it.  Could this be you? Do you have a treadmill that you brought to use for exercise that is now used to hang up your laundry? Do you have running gadgets, apps and clothing that you have never used? Welcome to the club, you are a product junkie. According to Arlene from the Runner’s Depot, “The most important things to have when starting out are; the proper sneaker, socks, singlet or sports bra, shorts or tight and socks. Make sure that your clothing is either cool max or dry fit to help with moisture. Start with the basics and as you start running and become more experienced and figure out your individual needs, then you can add  on to what you already own.” That is sound advice for both new and experienced runners! ------------------------------------- Andreas is a newbie runner and has been running for 2 to 3 months with the Black Girls RUN! South Florida group. She is a graduate of the University of Connecticut and currently works in the Sports Televisi0n industry.

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