50 Miles at Keys 100

May 23, 2012


By: Claire Johnson I began running 20 years ago when I volunteered for a half-marathon and wanted to experience what they were enjoying. I loved it and was hooked. Chicago Marathon was my first marathon in 2001 and since then, I have also run Big Sur Marathon and the Disney Marathon as the Goofy Challenge (Half-marathon on Saturday and Full marathon on Sunday). I thought my running days were over because I started to develop significant running pain. But, I didn't give up. I changed my shoes, stride and cadence and this past weekend, I ran my first 50-mile race. I loved it more than any race experience I have had. There were several African-American women who ran the race and the most inspiring was a woman over the age of 70 running her first 50-miler. Don't ever say you are too old for a new challenge! How old would you be if you didn't know when you were born?

The times that I have tried a new challenge recently, I have had to deal with the naysayers. Don't let them get you down. No one knows what you are capable of doing and the only way you are going to know what you can accomplish is by doing it. In addition to running, I love to enjoy activities with my family like giving back to our community, hiking, kayaking and traveling. My favorite sport to balance running is hot yoga. And I am grateful that I can be this active thanks to God. The photos below are all from the Keys 100 race this past weekend. I have already sent you one from the finish. The rest are at the beginning and during the race. The one where I am holding up five fingers is when I was so excited that I only had five miles left of my fifty!

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