Guest Post: The Middle Miles

March 13, 2012


After running the Savannah Half-Marathon in November, I needed a break. My body and mind needed rest, time to heal and less stress. I didn’t stop running but I did cut way back on my mileage and my intensity. To sum it up, I needed a change. I’ve been going pretty hard in my training and preparations for my half marathons over the past year and it was time for a change. Life came at me unexpectedly, again. And as in the past, I was forced to make a change. So, we’re one month into January and here I am. I just finished my first race of the year, a 5K and I got a PR! Whoo-whoo! I made a goal, set my mind to it, determined what I needed to do and ran hard to achieve it. For the last month, I’ve changed up my workout program. I mixed some things up, tried some new things and eliminated some things (some by choice others just as a consequence).

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