New Bike and Half Marathon Training Plan

July 08, 2011


Happy Friday! It's been a while since I have updated you guys on my training and what's going on in my world. First things first, I have a new toy! Last Saturday, my boyfriend, Chris, and I went to get fitted for bikes. Fortunately, we had an amazing salesman named Matt, who helped me pick out a bike that I'll hopefully ride in my first triathlon (or sprint or just around NYC). At any rate, he gave me tons of great advice on what to look for in a bike, how to ride, what gear to wear, etc. The bike that I am riding in the picture is a Trek Lexa. Ultimately, I didn't choose this bike, and I decided on a Specialized Dolce instead. I found that the Dolce was a lot better fit, way more comfortable and allowed me to hold myself up with my frame instead of relying on my muscles - which is so important for long rides. So far, I have only gone for a few test rides through the city, one of which included a ride to Coney Island. I'm getting the hang of switching gears and weaving around traffic, so I will keep you guys updated on my progress. The running is coming along as well. I haven't been going for long runs lately because I'm nursing my shin splints. But, I just looked at my calendar today and realized that we are roughly 8 weeks away from Rock & Roll Virginia Beach, which is the first of many halves this fall. (Where did the summer go!) I really have to get serious about my training, which means I need to start eating better and dust off the ol' training plan. Here is the 8-week plan that I've followed for my past couple of races. As you will see on the plan, it's essentially 3 days of running and 1 day of cross training for a total of 4 days of working out each week. Additionally, there is only one day of long runs, the other days are easy runs (conversational pace) and speed work. Alright, any other budding cyclist out there? What about your training? How is it going? How many miles are you up to for your long runs? I'm excited to read everyone's updates.

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