Guest Post: Running Gear Lingo

May 24, 2011


One of the most enjoyable aspects of managing the running groups is that we get to interact with some really talented and passionate runners, and introduce them to you guys. Meet today's guest blogger, Kimberly Glenn. A native Virginian, Kim has three half marathons and one full marathon under her belt, and she is the ambassdor for BGR! Nashville. She has been running for 14 years, and she has an small addiction that she wants to share with you all. [caption id="attachment_1693" align="aligncenter" width="193" caption="Kimberly Glenn, Running Gear Addict"][/caption] Hello, My name is Kimberly Glenn... and I am addicted to running gear. Absolutely obsessed. It's what I do late at night, shamefully. But I realize that most people are not completely versed in running gear lingo and what to look for when shopping for a new piece of gear. So below, I have defined some commonly used terms. I suggest you shop online for most brand names because of better prices and a better selection. My favorite site - 2nd favorite - 3rd favorite - (yeah, I said it!) 1. Reflective - Great for evening runs/low light runs; makes cars able to see you on the road (GREAT feature to look for in order to make the item wearable year-round)

2. Cord management - For iPod wearers, this loops your headphone cord through the garment so that its not swinging everywhere while you're running. I usually go gaga over a shirt or tank when I see this feature 3. Wicking -Moves moisture away from your body to help cool and keep you dry. This is a must have!! Most, if not all, of your gear should have this. And it's not expensive to get - Target and Walmart activewear have this feature (trust me, I love Champion!) (Shameless Plug: The BGR! tech tee is made by Champion) 4. Thumbholes - This is most often seen for fall/winter items to help you keep your hands warm. We can talk more later about this, but like the cord management, it's definitely a PLUS feature.

5. Compression - This feature is circulation based. Most circulation means better blood flow which is best during a run. Many athletes like it because compression is believed to aid recovery from your workout too.

6. Drop hem - BIG BOOTY WOMEN UNITE! This feature prevents ride up and your butt from hanging out in spandex by having the hem in the back be a little longer than the front hem. So it "drops" down in (and get its eagle on) in the back. This ads a feminine feature to your shirt/tank too. Good feature. 7. 2-n-1 - This is exclusively a term for shorts. These kind of shorts have compression shorts within regular shorts. Cuts down on that inner thigh rub and also has the added benefits of compression. [caption id="attachment_1699" align="aligncenter" width="210" caption="Asics 2-n-1 Shorts"][/caption] 8. Flat-lock seam - Chafing is a serious issue. It bites. To avoid the seams of your clothing from rubbing you the wrong way, flat-lock seams were invented. Look for this especially in shirts, tights, and socks. So head to a few of those sites and try out your new lingo! If you find a term and you want to know what it means, post it in the comment section so the group can define it for you.

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