Does the Gym=Puberty Part II?

April 07, 2011


Reader Question: I am 35 years old and I am a semi-beginner runner. I have been running for about one year now. I have noticed that I have been sweating a lot lately. So much so that my head band, shirt, bra etc. are soaked. I am ok with the sweating but my face is not taking it well. I seem to be breaking out now, something I have never dealt with before. Is this something you have experienced? Can you pose the question to your readers for some suggestions? I have taken face wipes to the gym to clean right after. I have been washing with acne wash. Nothing seems to be working. Thanks in advance for your help! Let me first just say that I feel your pain. I thought that when I left college, I left all of my acne problems behind. But, as soon as I started working out daily back in 2006, I developed acne on my cheeks and forehead, and wait for it – dreaded back acne. And this wasn’t just a few pimples and blackheads here and there. My face looked like the before pictures on the Proactiv commercials! Toni experience something similar a few years ago when we first started BGR! Toni, who has had perfectly clear skin her entire life, I’m not bitter developed acne in her t-zone, chest, and back. She even blogged about it, and you can check out her advice here. After I started to breakout, it took about six months for the acne to go away. In the meantime, there were a few things that helped my skin clear up. 1.New Skincare Regime – After seeing my skin, my mom went out and bought me Clinique’s 3 Step skincare products, which includes the liquid face soap, Clarifying lotion, and Moisturizing Lotion. At the time, I was using Olay’s deep cleansing face wash. For me, switching products was important, because I needed to use products that addressed my changing skin care needs which include were overactive sweat glands due to working out. 2. Spot Corrector– In addition to changing my skincare routine, I started using a spot corrector to fade away the look of my breakouts. I put a dab of Clinique’s Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector on my acne and the scars, and it really helped to dry up the bumps and diminish the dark brown scars that were left behind. 3. Diet – I’m not a fan of people giving unsolicited advice. But, this next tip was courtesy of a stranger that I met who wanted to help me with my acne. Her advice: start eating more dark green, leafy vegetables and drinking more water. Apparently, the vitamin A in these vegetables is good for your skin, and we all know the “super powers” that water has. To this day, this has been the best skincare advice that I have received. When my diet lacks these vegetables and includes too much processed food, I still get a few unwanted friends on my face. Those are just a few things that helped me get rid of my acne. What advice do you guys have for our reader? Did you guys experience an onset of acne when you started working out?

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