Update: Nike Women's 26.2 & 13.1

April 01, 2011


In "BGR! On the Move: 2011 Race Schedule" we mentioned that we were running the Nike Women's Marathon & Half in San Francisco, made famous by each finisher receiving a Tiffany necklace. Well Nike is FINALLY dishing the details and we're all over it. Here's the scoop. The race is lottery only and is notorious for being difficult to get in to. We've created a group ID so that hopefully (and prayerfully) we can get a group in. Online random drawing registration begins April 11, 2011 and ends April 22, 2011. Starting April 11th, every member of the group needs to input the Group ID in the appropriate box on their own random drawing application. The Group ID must me entered correctly to be considered. If our group is selected but you mistyped your Group ID during registration, you will not be included in the group. Runners have the opportunity to enter as either an individual or as part of a group using a Group ID, but cannot enter as both. Duplicate entries are void and will be grounds for complete removal from the random drawing.


A few more details..... REGISTRATION STATUS This year, you will be able to track your random drawing application throughout the registration process! Once you have completed your application, use our searchable database to make sure you entered the correct Group ID, be the first to see the results of the random drawing, and more! PLEASE NOTE: NEW RANDOM DRAWING APPLICATIONS WILL BE UPLOADED AT THE END OF EACH BUSINESS DAY. YOU WILL NOT SEE YOUR APPLICATION IN THE SEARCHABLE DATABASE UNTIL 24 HOURS AFTER YOU COMPLETE YOUR APPLICATION. IF YOU DO NOT SEE YOUR APPLICATION AFTER 24 HOURS, PLEASE CONTACT SIGNMEUP.COM AT NWM@SIGNMEUP.COM. IMPORTANT TO NOTE
  • Registering early does not increase your chances of being selected in the random drawing.
  • Registering as part of a group does not affect your chances of being selected in the random drawing.
  • Duplicate entries (registration as both an individual and with a group) are void and will be grounds for complete removal from the random drawing
Keep your fingers crossed! We hope to see you there!

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