Runner’s Lust

March 14, 2011


Just a few things that are on our radar... The Nike+ SportWatch GPS Nike recently partnered with Tom Tom to create a new sports watch that combines the best of both companies – amazing GPS functions and the sleek, sexy stlye of Nike. The pair are debuting their new watch in April. Although, I love my Garmin, I really want to test drive this watch. Since switching to Garmin, I miss all of the fun and trash talking on Nike plus. Check out some of the features… • Tap Screen for setting laps and activating backlight • Run History with data from past runs • Run Reminders that appear after five days if a run has not been logged • Post-run acknowledgement and encouragement MARATHONS Medals Rack Etsy has really cute finds...especially when I am looking for unique running trinkets. This marathons medal rack is a great way to show off my running swag! Nike Air Max+ 2011 These shoes are so cute and perfect for running errands, not miles. (Sorry, I can’t give up my Asics.) Need to add some new songs to your running playlist? makes suggestions for songs based on your pace. Very cool!

ViewSport Do you ever find a product and think, “why didn’t I think of that?” These ViewSport tees are one of those products. ViewSport sweat activiated technology reveals a message when your sweat comes in contact with the fabric.

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