Is Michelle Obama Fat?

February 24, 2011


Out the gate, let me say that I don’t think that Michelle Obama is fat. And I usually try to stay away from political topics. However, I was so appalled and angered when I read these comments about Michelle’s weight. Granted, they are coming from the devil Rush Limbaugh. But, they were made in poor taste and in the context of undermining her qualifications to lead a healthy lifestyle movement. Rush commented, "I'm trying to say that our first lady does not project the image of women that you might see on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue."

Really Rush? I am tired of society setting unrealistic expectations of what a woman's body should look like. We all know that being model thin is not realistic for the majority. It bothers me that conversations on health and fitness still draw these types of comparisons. And when are we going to start evaluating whether one is healthy with indicators such as BMI and diet, and not just dress size?

At the end of the day, Rush is entitled to his own opinion. But, yet again I think he fails to realize the gravity of the misogynistic and polarizing statements that he makes. Furthermore, the greater concern that I have is that Rush’s statements are a reminder of the larger racial, social and political issues that are weighing down America and keeping us from being progressive in taking a stance on health.

What are you thoughts? Am I being overly sensitive?

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