Love & Running: Stacey

February 16, 2011


It’s funny how you enter into one thing for one reason and come out with something different than what you planned. Something more. Something better. Something sweeter.

The primary reason why I started running was to drop 20lbs. Plain and simple. I wanted a total body makeover that would lean me out and a cost efficient way of doing it. It turned out that running was a great source of empowerment for me. It strengthened me at the core and helped grow me spiritually too. All great outcomes I was pleased to gain while running. And then I began training for a marathon, and while I was out bowling at my church singles night I just happened to mention needing to leave early for a long run in the morning. Chris was on my bowling team and immediately piped up how he was a runner too and wanted to meet up for a run. Well that was more than six months ago and we are happily still running together. It has been a great commonality for us. I never would have thought in starting to run I would meet my love. Running together works in our relationship in supporting one another and has become another way we communicate about our day, past, and our future. Chris has even incorporated prayer during our running time for the neighborhood and others we see along our run. Naturally Chris is a faster runner than I am and truly runs more for my benefit than anything, and that means so much to me. The companionship means a lot and getting a call or a text asking if we want to go for a run puts a smile on my face. It means he wants to spend time together and do something that benefits both of us in staying healthy. Another plus in running with my man is his encouragement when I get weary or hit my weak spots in running. Those lovely hills. Chris will give verbal encouragement along the way such as: ~ I will preserve I will endure ~ I am the head and not the tail ~ I am above and not beneath ~ This hill strengthens me ~ This hill builds me ~ This hill is iron and I am iron & Iron sharpens iron ~ I look to the hill which comes my help; my help comes from the LORD ~ I conquer this hill for perseverance, I conquer this hill for endurance, I conquer this hill because I am survivor, because it shapes me. ~ Can’t stop won’t stop for the cause of Christ Chris even holds my hand during the hills for that extra physical support or when my foot begins to numb while running he will massage it along the way. Now don’t get it twisted he doesn’t “baby me up” all the time and truly gives me the extra push when I need it the most. He even quietly forces to me to work on my pace as I try to keep up with his faster stride, but he normally tends to have to circle back so I can keep up. As I mentioned earlier there truly is more benefits for me to run with Chris but it really is a wonderful activity we can do together. Now that we have heard from Stacey, tomorrow her other half, Chris, will share his thoughts on love, running and relationships. But, we want to hear from you first. Is you significant other supportive of your fitness goals? Do you and your partner workout together?

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