Naturals: How do you care for your hair during the winter months?

January 18, 2011


Do you guys remember superlatives in high school? Back in the day, we would nominate and vote for the people who we thought were most likely to succeed and best looking. If I were still eligible for an award, up until about two weeks ago, I would have nominated myself and WON best hair. (Ok, maybe not, but I would have been a contender) After nine months of transitioning, a chop in May and months of “learning” how to care for my natural hair, I thought my fro was the flyyest fro ever. All of that confidence and cockiness came to a crashing halt recently. I now understand what everyone is talking about when they speak of the winter hair blues. Not to mention, running outside has exponentially compounded my winter hair problems. Now, my once curly and bouncy fro feels like straw and looks just as frizzy and disheveled as James Brown’s mug shot.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I’m not the only one trying to figure out a winter hair routine. Our blogging friend, Tina, posted a question about winter hair care for naturals on our Facebook page, and wrote a post on her blog. Specifically, she was wondering how runners and athletes care for their natural hair during the winter months. Since this is my first winter being fully natural, I have no answers. So, I’m posing the question to you guys. What are your tips for winter hair care? Running outside in the cold seems to make my hair even frizzier, what are some good products that I can use to fight the frizz? What do you do to your hair when you are running and working out? Are you protecting it with a silk bonnet or scarf, or leaving it exposed to the elements? Thanks for sharing the knowledge ladies!

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