2011 Fitness Challenge

January 03, 2011


The BGR! team is more focused than ever and we're starting 2011 pretty hard core. Along with vowing to run a half marathon (perhaps a marathon if Ashley and Stacey are up to it), we're also doing a fitness challenge! Our fitness challenge was inspired by three of our readers who shared their fitness trials and tribulations with us. They each have different lifestyles, challenges and goals, but they all realize the importance of getting healthy and fit and have committed to 2011 being the year to do just that. During the next 12 weeks, we will share their story and their journey with you as we help guide them to a healthier lifestyle. This week we will introduce each of the ladies. We hope that their stories and journey provide you with inspiration and tips to help you get fit in 2011. As always, we'll be happy to accept any questions or comments. Simply submit a comment after each blog post. Here's to a healthy 2011! Preserve the sexy, Toni, Ashley & Stacey

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