BGR! Guide to Winter Running Gear

December 16, 2010


In the past, I’ve written about running in the cold and to be honest, I usually punk out after a month, buy a gym membership, and start running on the dreadmill. However, this year, I have been consistently running outside in the cold temps and I’m actually starting to like it. I attribute this change in attitude to my latest running gear purchases. Once I realized that some of my old “cold weather” running gear wasn’t going to cut it in NY’s freezing temperatures and biting wind shield, I purchased a few items that will.

Tights/Running Pants

My first purchase this season was a pair of CWX Insulator Expert Running Tights. Although they are not cheap ($98) they are worth every dollar. One of the problems that I had in the past with running in the winter was that my joints ached from the cold. However, the CWX tights help your muscles and ligaments band together to support your joints. They also have structured bands that add support and stability to your lower back, abs, and hips. Another great feature of the Insulators is that they are made with CWX’s nanotechnology fabric and they feel like they have a thin layer of a fabric on the inside that feels like flannel. Overall, they have been great for keeping my legs warm, and thick enough to protect me from the wind. Other Recommendations: Nike Element Windless Women's Running Tights Nike Tech Women's Running Tights Mizuno Breath Thermo Bio Gear Tight Under Armor Women's ColdGear Frosty Tight


I am a huge fan of Under Armor’s Heat Gear Long sleeve shirts. I wear these for a number of reasons. The first being they are loose fitting and moisture wicking. Also, I like to wear several layers, so I’ve found that this is a good base layer that isn’t as constricting as the compression shirts. The added bonus is that I can wear a kids size to save on costs. Other Recommendations: Nike Essentials Women's Base Layer Running Shirt Asics ARD Long Sleeve

Jackets, Hoodies & Half-Zips

I was lucky to find the Nike Element Thermal Women's Running Hoodie over the summer on sale for 75% off! Although I got a steep discount, I would pay full price for this jacket. The jacket is a half zip with a hoodie. It also has a flannel lining that really helps to protect against the elements. I also think Nike puts a lot of detail into their gear. For example, the jacket has a hook for your headphones right inside the zipper so your cord stays out of your way. There are also extra hand warmers with a finger-cuff design and a sweat evaporation panel at the palm, which makes it easier to protect your fingers when running without gloves. Lastly, the hood is a great snug fit, and I usually wear it on days when I don’t want to run with a hat. I’ve found that it does just as good of a job protecting my ears from the wind. Other Recommendations: Asics Thermopolis Hoody Brooks Utopia Soft Shell Sporthill Symmetry Jacket Be sure to check back next week when I’ll give you guys my picks for winter running accessories. But in the mean time, we want to know, what running gear are you guys wearing this winter? What brands do you guys think have the best cold weather gear?

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