Revive Your Workout

September 20, 2010


[caption id="attachment_737" align="alignleft" width="199" caption="Knock Out The Workout Rut!"][/caption] We all get in a workout rut. It happens to the best of us. But only the best of us know how to get out of it. Whether you’re bored with your workout or need to get back in the workout saddle, reviving can be, dare I say, fun and easy. Teach a Class Two of our readers put me on to this phenomena. Teaching a class is not only a good way to get your workout in, but helps other find their workout mojo too. It’s a win, win. Look for an extended post on this soon! Try Something Out of the Box I’m not sure when the strip pole workout became all the craze , but it’s always piqued my interest. And I wonder if strippers got into stripping to make money AND get an awesome workout. Anyway, I’m definitely putting this on my list of things to do before the year ends. I can find my inner vixen and build my stomach and calf muscles? IN! Set a new goal I’m a huge fan of goal setting. I think it’s important for accomplishing anything in life. If it’s running one mile a day or completing a half marathon, setting goals can give you the juice you need to get off the couch or push a little further. I like to tell everyone in the world about my fitness goals so that they can hold me accountable. The worst thing in the world is being called out if you give up on reaching your goal(s). Find a supportive network My motto is “It takes a village to get and stay fit”. Whether it’s a running group, a group of friends or an awesome running website for women (plug), a supportive network can be the motivation you need to keep you on track and keep you excited about running and working out. They also help me keep things in perspective so I’m not too hard on myself. Go back to your childhood I have to attribute this to my husband, who swears he’s going to be the next Lance Armstrong. I recently bought a bike since it’s something that we can do together. On my first ride in Seattle, I thought I wasn’t going to make it. (If you didn’t know, the city has some sick hills) But I felt good after the ride and my hammies burned like they’d never burned before. Nothing like taking in beautiful scenery while working on a tight bottom. Explore your city By foot? By boat? It doesn’t matter. Check out your city’s tourism or parks and recreation website for kayak tours, trails or city-sponsored fitness events. You’d be surprised by all the cool, calorie burning activities right in your hood. Subscribe to Runner’s World Besides Aunt Flow, it’s the one thing I really, really, really look forward to each month. As if the magazine has super magical powers, one looksie through the magazine and I jumping at the chance to go for a run. It has great running tips and inspirational stories.  A definite must have when the going gets tough. Sign up for a race The ultimate motivation? Racing. Any distance, anytime is a great way to stay motivated. The consequences of not following through, a horrible race and who wants that? Go Shopping Last, but certainly not least, buying new running clothes and gear is the motivation for me. I love fashion and I love staying fit. Combine the two and I’m like the Rachel Zoe of running. Sporting my new goodies gives me the excitement I need to get up and out, and I think it even makes me run faster. What’s your secret to staying motivated?

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