Getting in a Groove

September 14, 2010


Admit it. There is something so fun and delicious about tooting you own horn and basking in the glory of your success. Seriously, sometimes your just have to get your Kanye on. I tend to not do this often enough…so I’ll throw in a “toot, toot” and get on with my post. But, I’m coming off of a high from a weekend of successful running. Saturday I had a good 18-mile run and followed that up with a six mile run on Sunday. The most satisfying part for me is that I’m actually starting to become in tune with my body and understand what I need to endure these long runs. Anyways, here is a list of what I am now doing differently that is contributing to my success. 1. Water? Gatorade? Electrolytes? – When I saw the bottle of elete at the running store, I snatched it up knowing that it was something that was going to improve my running. However, after a few uses and various mixes, I’ve realized that I get better results drinking plain ol’ Gatorade. I’m curious to know what you guys think of this product. What are you mixing it with? 2. Socks – They socks I have been wearing are really great, so I was a little hesitant when the sales clerk tried to sell me a pair of Balga running sock. Why should I spend $10 on a pair of socks? Well, I am glad I did, because I LOVE these socks. They have changed my life and the look of my feet. Need I say anything else? 3. Body Glide – This is kind of funny, but when I first bought Body Glide I applied it everywhere on my body that I thought had the slightest potential of chaffing – toes, thighs, back and front of arm pits, nipples, etc. And would you believe that none of those areas have chafed yet. I did hear that there is a Body Glide for Men and one for women. If anyone is using the one for women and can explain how it is different or better, please let me know. 4. Snacks – I’m starting to realize that the one down side to my fuel belt is that the zipper pocket really isn’t large enough to accommodate snacks. When I discussed this with the salesperson at the running store, they mentioned that they carry $5 in the pouch and stop mid-run to buy Gatorade and a snack. This advice was invaluable. Now, I stop around mile nine or ten and buy a Gatorade and a granola bar. Ladies, are you guys using any of these products? What helps you get through a long run? Does anyone have any marathon training advice for me?

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