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August 19, 2010


Adidas’ new app for BlackBerry and iPhone

When I think about running apps, Adidas is usually not the first brand to come to mind. I guess my head has been stuck so far up Nike’s you know what, that I didn’t even think about Adidas having a app for running or any other sports. Although Nike dominates the running apps market, Adidas is trying to steal some of their shine and marketshare. The MiCoach is an all encompassing app that includes features for soccer, tennis, running and basketball. The customization option for runners includes the use of GPS tracking for your jogging routes. Just like nike plus, you can update and track your runs on the website. Check out the app here.

Stella McCartney and Adidas Launch Glow-in-the-Dark Running Gear I think that function usually trumps fashion. But, when the two meet you usually get something pretty amazing like the new glow-in-the-dark gear from Adidas and Stella McCartney. Although her stuff is a little out of my price range, every season I fall in love with the pieces she creates for Adidas. I’m not diggin the shoes, but I think the jacket is pretty fab. Like most of McCartney’s gear, it’s cool enough to wear even when you aren’t running.

Rocking and Rolling in Savannah & Povidence The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon is one of the most popular destination race series. Every year, their races attract over thirteen thousand participants. Now they are expanding their brand, and adding races in Savannah and Providence. Admittedly, I not too excited about the Providence location, but I can look forward to a race in Savannah. Anyways, these are just a few more races to keep on your radar.

$10 off Thunder Road Alrigth Charlotte BGRs, here is another reason to go ahead and sign up for Thunder Road. (I don’t want to call anyone out, Cassandra) The prices keep rising, but you can lock in a discount if you register before August 31st. Enter the coupon code $10in2010TRM, and receive $10 off your entry!

Oh you fancy, huh? That’s the first thought I had when I saw the new line of Vibrams Fivefinger Spring 2011 collection. Metallics, leather overlays, laces. The latest Vibrams not only look better but they have added a few features to help customers get a better fit. How many of you have been running in the minimalists shoes?

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