Hyrdation Belts

July 22, 2010


As a minimalist runner, the last thing I want is another accessory/tool/belt/strap clinging to my body as I pound out the miles. I usually go as far as to run without an ipod, heart monitor, watch and up until a few weeks ago, a hydration belt. I know what you are thinking, “how do you train for a marathon in the heat without water bottles and snacks?” Well, you don’t…at least not effectively and without begging the cashier at the gas station for a bottle of water because you don’t have any money on you. Two weeks ago, I thought I had a moment of genius as I stood in my kitchen staring at the gummies I wanted to carry on my run. “Ha! I’ll just stuff these in my back pocket.” Hurriedly, I unwrapped the gummies and placed them in my back zipper pocket. However, the joke was on me around mile four as I reached my hand into my pocket and pulled out a sticky wad of jelly. That was clearly my dunce moment for the week, but I did run to the store (not literally) and purchase my first hydration belt shortly after that. After testing out a few belts, I settled on the “Triangle” from Nathans.  A huge part of my decision was the fact that I liked the fit of “Triangle” better than the other belts I tried on. I also like that I can place the single bottle in the back and I don’t have to worry about having several bottles around my waist. I think that the 2 and 4 bottle belts would probably work well if I had a longer torso. So far, I only use the belt when I run more than six miles so I can carry gels and water. The other feature I like about my belt is that it has a zipper pocket. Some of the other belts have snaps or Velcro. With the zipper I feel more comfortable carrying other essentials like keys without the fear of them falling out. Here are a few other hydration belts that I also like.

Nike Hydration Belt Price: $30 Let me just say that I am biased towards Nike, and I basically love every product they make. However, what I really like about this belt is the wicking fabric and the fact that the belt fit comfortable around my waist. It is really easy to the bottles in and out of the holsters while you are wearing it.

Amphipod RunLite 4 Hydration Belt Price: $44.50 This belt is also light and the fit isn’t bad. The only problem is that I can’t get used to having four bottles around my waist. I also felt like it was easier to adjust the Nike and Nathans belts.

I want to know your thoughts…What hydration belts do you guys use? Are the more expensive belts worth the money? How many miles do you run when you use the belt?

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