Co-Washing with Hair Rules

July 14, 2010


[caption id="attachment_559" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="Co-Wash For On-the-Go look"][/caption]Unlike Ashley I have neither the patience or guts to go natural, so I usually co-wash throughout the year, but mostly in the summer. With the humidity and high temps, my relaxed hair usually stays in a ponytail on most days. Co-washing gives me a fun, on-the-go look and allows me to wash my hair a few times during the week so my hair doesn't smell like a dirty gym bag. If you're new to co-washing or have no idea what I'm talking about, check out our previous post Co-Wash to Maintain Relaxed Hair While Running. When choosing products for co-washing, there's a few things you need to keep in mind. You want to use a product that will activate or make your hair curl. You will also need a product that will keep your hair moisturized so you won't look like a brillo pad. Here's a few new products that I'm using that I absolutely love. Hair Rules Nourishment Leave In Conditioner While you should be using a deep conditioner once a week, (I recommend Queen Helene Cholesterol Hair Conditioning Cream) Hair Rules Nourishment Leave In Conditioner is a great way to keep your hair moisturized in between those deep hair conditioners each week. Hair Rules Curly Whip The Hair Rules Curly Whip gives you something most curl activators can't give. Soft, fluffy curls rather than hard, crunchy curls. Yes, there's a difference. Hair Rules Wavy Mousse Fighting frizz is the trickiest part about co-washing. Luckily, the Hair Rules Wavy Mousse fights frizz, gives your hair shine and volume without the stickiness. Can it get any better than this? All products can be purchased by clicking the links. For more information about Hair Rules, visit

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