Runner’s Feet

April 16, 2010


Do you guys remember the scene from Boomerang when Marcus is lying in bed with Lela Rochon’s character? If you recall, after they do the deed, he pulls the sheets back and is repulsed by her jacked up feet with hammertoes, corns and calluses. Well, that’s kind of how I feel about my feet right now. My feet aren’t quite as bad a Lela Rochon’s, but I’m way past due for a pedicure! As you can see from the pictures, I have a few blisters and really dry, cracked skin. Actually, you can’t see the dry, cracked skin because it’s on my heels and I thought I would spare you the horror spare myself the embarrassment and leave out those pictures. But, with summer on the horizon, and sandal season already in full swing, I realize that I need to address my foot problem ASAP! Here is the funny part. I actually take precautions to avoid blisters and calluses. Expert runners recommend expensive running socks made with wicking fabric and proper fitting shoes. I have both of these. I also take it a step further and use a pumice stone and slather Vaseline on my feet nightly and sleep in socks. The only other thing I can think to do is put some baby powder on my feet before I run to absorb some of the moisture. I haven’t started treating my blisters other than popping them since I honestly haven’t had time. Plus, I have a really high threshold for blister and callus pain that I developed after years of playing soccer. The only difference then was that I lost a couple of toenails. Here are a few blister and callus treatments that I have used in the past. 1. Hydrogen Peroxide – I liberally pour hydrogen peroxide over my calluses. I have absolutely no idea why this works, but it does, and it works best if you start applying it as soon as you start to feel the calluses coming. This is a home remedy that I got from my dad who has baby soft feet. 2. Moleskin – I like to wrap a toe that feels like it’s about to blister in moleskin or band aids. I also apply Neosporin to help with the healing process. 3. Lastly, I pop my blisters and leave the skin on. Usually the skin will come off a few days later on it own. I’ve found that when I leave the skin on, the blisters heal faster and don’t get infected. So, I’m reaching out to you guys for advice and suggestions. How do you care for your feet? Like our hair, are runner’s feet something that you just deal with for the sake of your health? Do any of you distance runners have “perfect” feet? P.S. Please don’t rag me about my chipped toe nail polish. I know I am committing a beauty crime, and I will be visiting the nail salon today ☺

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