ING Georgia Meetup

March 19, 2010


Happy Friday! I’m so excited to head to the ATL shortly. Atlanta is home, so it’s always nice to get back to my roots and hang with the family, especially my 91-year-old grandmother who even at her age is probably the wittiest person in the family and keeps me laughing.

My only concern today is that my hamstrings are a still a little sore this morning. Playing soccer on Monday was probably THE dumbest thing I could do this week. Oh well, I’m taking it easy today and tomorrow, and I should be good to go on Sunday. If not I will lather myself in Bengay on Sunday morning. I’m also excited about my brand spanking new Asics. Yes, I know it’ bad to run in brand new shoes, but my old Asics are pushing 400 miles and I’m starting to have a little back and knee pain in them. I did have a chance to run in the new pair on Wednesday and yesterday so in my book they are broken in. Plus the guy at the shoe store said that it’s always good to look “fresh and clean” on race day. Speaking of which, I also got a new ‘fit. I’m not that girl that buys a new outfit to go to the club, so it’s kind of funny that I got something to wear for a race. Lastly, I would love to meet all of the BGRs running this weekend! The National Black Marathoners Association has a tent set up at the finish line in Centennial Park. I’m not sure what time I’ll finish (hopefully in under 2 hrs.), but please stop by and say “hi” after the race. I’ll have on black and red along with the other NBMAs, and probably a frizzed out ‘fro. See you there!

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