How to Care for Running Shoes

February 15, 2010


I realize that running shoes aren’t comparable to stocks, bonds, or diamonds, and you can’t write them off you taxes. But, with a relatively hefty prices tag, I still see them as an investment work taking care of. When I purchased my Asics, all I could thing was “Damn, I just dropped $130 on running shoes!” Yet in still, my health is my wealth, and I know that running shoes are a sound investment. With that said, I want to make sure that I not only get my money’s worth, but that I take care of my shoes so they last the full 3-4 hundred miles. Here are a few tips to help you get the most miles out of your shoes: 1. Avoid the washer and dryer – When I was little, my mom always threw my dirty sneakers in the wash. Afterwards, I would put them on and notice the obvious shrinkage and torn rubber. Now, I avoid the washer and dryer like the plague. Instead, I hand wash my shoes with a little bit of detergent and only stick the laces in the wash. 2. Running shoes are just for running – I don’t do anything other than run in my shoes. Any other activities will wear the tread and continue to break down the cushioning. 3. Keep your shoes dry – This shouldn’t be too hard since many of us don’t run in the rain. But, when you do run through the occasional shower or puddle, immediately air out your shoes and if needed, stuff them with newspaper to help dry them out. Are you concerned with maintaining the life of you shoes? What tips do you have for making you running shoes last longer?

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