My Running Alter Ego

January 28, 2010


In my very first post I wrote about talking to God and meditating while I run. I still do that, but the more I train, race and participate in group runs, the more that little meditating angel is silenced and my ultra competitive alter ego rears her ugly head.

Here are the things my alter ego says:

1. Who Gon Check me boo? – If I pass you, this is what I’m thinking. No, it’s not nice and I pass very few people I’m not that great of a runner, but for some sick reason I feel better knowing that I’m able to beat someone and not coming in dead last.
2. Oh hell no! – If you are considerable older or slower, believe me, I am not happy when you pass me. Now this response is usually followed by #3, but if you happen to be a far better runner than me, I revert to #4.
3. I’m gon getcha! – Last race, I took a mental picture of all of the people who passed me in my pace range. Towards the end of the race, as I picked up my speed, I made a point to wave smile at them as I sprinted ahead and beat them across the finish line.
4. Damn, I just got dusted! You better be glad my knee back toes hurt or else…. – I know, that’s such a cowardly excuse, but it would be too easy to just admit I was defeated. But, yes I do realize that you run an 8:30 and I secretly wish I were as fast as you.
5. I can sleep when I die – Wth? I’m not sure why I think this, but it definitely helps me through long runs when I feel like giving up.

Who’s you running alter ego? Are you a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde runner, or are your mantras consistent with your personality?

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