New Year Gym Rush

January 27, 2010


It's the New Year and besides eating black eyed peas and collard greens, there's one more thing that people inevitably do at the beginning of the year.....join the gym.

Now granted, I appreciate that all of downtown Nashville, it seems, has decided to get fit, but I wonder if they HAD to join the downtown YMCA.

When I go to the gym I am like a tiger. No, not stealth-like and agile, but focused. I am like a young Ninja warrior attempting to find the glow. I.E., I like to be alone. The first Monday of the year, the first real work day of the new year, I decided to hit the gym after work like I normally do. I walked through the automatic doors to a swarm of people getting their pictures taken, checking out the building and signing up for memberships. I pushed my way through the crowd and quickly scanned my card. It was off to my secret place. Upstairs where NO one works out. Surprise! Apparently everyone else found out about my secret spot too. This is where I had to realize to be flexible in my workout and not get frustrated by the crowds. It's almost February and I keep reminding myself that the New Years rush is really close to being over. Studies show that it takes six weeks for a habit to develop. Two weeks to go......

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