Sole Stories: Tonya Mosley

January 18, 2010


Everyone has a story. For some it's a story of wanting something more, for others it's a story full of tears, heart and determination. Our series "Sole Stories" will give you a glimpse into what drives women to change their lives and their "soles." One of the best parts about being a blogger is the opportunity to meet other bloggers who inspire you. That was definitely the case with Tonya Mosley of New Naturalista. Her newly launched blog covers an array of lifestyle topics and promotes green living.

BGR: At the beginning of this year you launched New Naturalista. What motivated you to start the blog and what types of stories can we expect.
Tonya: So many of us have resolutions about eating healthier, exercising and becoming an overall better person. The beginning of the year seemed like a good time to kick off my personal goals as well as start something new that would benefit others too! As a broadcast journalist, I always have stories swirling in my head. There are topics I think a lot about, but would never fit into the local news format. NewNaturalista allows me to delve into some of my favorite lifestyle topics, like family, food, fashion and fitness.

BGR: As a former chubby kid, I can relate to your pendulum of weight loss and fast food habit. How have your eating habits changed over the years and what healthy foods do you enjoy eating now.
Tonya: The thing about the majority of those who struggle with weight is that we know all the right things to do. Most of us know diets inside and out -- it's a matter of turning that knowledge into action. One thing I've always done is incorporate fruits, veggies and water into my diet. My college friends would joke with me all the time about eating broccoli or salad with our late night pizza. These days I think "quality versus quantity." If I'm going to be indulgent, let it be something awesome...not fast food. I'm also training myself to look at food as fuel. Like with our cars, we wouldn't want to put cheap fillers in the gas tank to get it going.

BGR: You mentioned that you used to run in college, stopped, then got back into running and ran your first 5k this summer. What was it like training after taking an extended break?
Tonya: Surprisingly it was cathartic. Aside from the physical benefits, I loved heading out in the evenings for a run and getting "lost." I'd pump up my IPOD with all my favorites (Maxwell's new CD got me through training this summer!) The stress of the day would just go away.

BGR: This coming summer you are venturing into territory that Toni and I have never explored, a triathlon. What made you decide to compete in a tri and how is the training going?
Tonya: My co-workers and I recently decided to "split" the triathlon up. I'm not a strong swimmer and I've been stressing about that! Just imagine, I'm breathing a sigh of relief right now!

BGR: What are your fitness goals for this year, and have you already started working towards them?
Tonya: My biggest goal is to be stronger and have more clarity in my everyday life. As part of NewNaturalista, I'm challenging myself every 30 days to something new. Right now I'm doing vinyasa yoga. Next month I'm taking up swimming.

BGR: Obviously, a large part of New Naturalista is natural hair. How long have you been natural, and how do you care for your hair when you work out?
Tonya: I've been natural for 4 months. It is awesome! For instance, during vinyasa yoga (we practice in a 90 degree room) the last thing I'm thinking about is my hair. Seattle rains a lot in the winter, and it's so refreshing to step outside for a run or a walk and not worry about ruining my hair. Unlike relaxed hair, most natural hair thrives off of water. Water is moisture -- as long as I keep it conditioned, I'm set!

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