ING Georgia Half Marathon

January 02, 2010


Happy New Year’s! We are just two days into the New Year, and I am already tackling my resolutions. Today I signed up for the ING Georgia half-marathon in Atlanta on March 21st. If you are interested in running the race, below is a coupon code for a discount rate of $70 for the full and $50 for the half. If you use the code, ING will donate $10 for each marathoner and $5 for each half marathoner to the National Black Marathoner Scholarship fund. The codes expire March 6, 2010.
INGGA-NBMA26 (Full Marathon)

INGGA-NBMA13 (Half Marathon)

I also compiling my 2010 race wish list. Aside from ING I'm thinking about the Cooper Bridge run and NY! I'll post my list on Monday, and I can't wait to hear what races you all are running as well. Have a great weekend!

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